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Stadium Admission......... Coaches and players are free. All fans over the age of 5 are $5.00 per person to enter the stadium. The general admission ticket is good for the entire day.
Parking at the Stadium... We have arranged for FREE PARKING for all guests at the stadiums. 
·        Palisades Credit Union Park (Rockland, NY) offers free parking directly in front of the main entrance.
·        TD Bank Ballpark (Somerset, NJ) offers free parking in either the RED or WHITE Lots.
                                                         There is no fee for parking at either location
Stadium Usage ............... Everyone entering is to stay on the main concourse level at all times.
Private Suites and the Upper concourse are closed. The stadium is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility during our events. Please use trash receptacles on the concourse level for all garbage.
Fans- Food & Drink.........  All of our stadiums DO NOT allow fans to bring outside food or beverage
into the stadium. Concession stands will be open from 8:00 am. Players are allowed to bring a beverage into the dugouts. We ask that no sunflower seeds are to be eaten inside the dugouts. We ask that the coaches and players remove all the garbage from the game upon leaving.
Concessions ................... The concessions stand will be open from 8:00 am and will not close
until 30 minutes after the last game is completed. Coffee, muffins, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Chips, Knishes, Water, Gatorade, Soda, and several other snacks will be sold during our events.
Emergency & First Aid.... In the event of an emergency please notify a Kid2Pro Sports representative
on the concourse level. All Kid2Pro Sports representatives are wearing Bright Orange shirts, marked staff. We have a First Aid Kit on-site; however, we suggest always having your portable First Aid Kit with you in the dugouts.
Waiver Release Form & Insurance Certificates
Every participant, including the 4 coaches, Bat Boys/girls, First Pitch, and
National Anthem Singers must have a signed
waiver before going onto the field of play. Although all players & fans are covered under our insurance, we ask that every team submit a copy of their insurance certificate before their event listing the stadium you are playing at and Kid2Pro Sports.
Upon Entering:................ When entering through the main gate you will give all your
waiver forms, Insurance forms, and line-up cards to our information desk.
On The Field .................... All of our stadiums respectfully ask that there are NO PARENTS OR
FANS allowed on the field at any time. Please remind all your parents that they can not enter the field of play before, during, or after the games.
Restrooms ....................... There will be a set of restrooms open on the concourse level
either down the third-base side or the first base side. We ask that all players and fans use these restrooms only. Please do not use the restrooms in the dugouts or on the upper suite levels.
Warm-Up's ....................... The teams will warm up on the outfield grass and can use the bullpens if they
desire before the games. All warm up's will take place in the outfield (no infield). The stadium will open by 8 am and close a half-hour after the last game finishes. We ask that all teams put their belongings on the outfield area while warming up this way the prior team has a chance to clean up and remove their stuff from the dugouts. If you are the first team of the day, you can go directly into the dugout.
Field Size ......................... The major league field is 60/90. We adjust the field size to fit the appropriate
age group, skill level, and softball. The major league bases are removed and portable bases are used. Since we can not remove the major league mound, we add a portable mound (if needed) to the field for the younger teams. Softball games pitch off a flat surface and no portable mound is used.
Time Limit & Innings ...... All 12 and under games will have either 6 innings or a 2 hr time limit. All 13u
and older will have 7 innings or a 2 hr 15 min. time limit, whichever comes first. We will not start a new inning after 1 hr. 50 min.Kid2Pro Sports may adjust your scheduled time up to one hour- a set scheduled time will be sent out 7 days prior for your team to prepare. 
Pitching Rules ................ Kid2Pro rules state that the max anyone player can pitch is 3 innings.
We encourage all coaches to use judgment during your game in the case it's a blowout.
Player Rules .................... We ask that every team BATS THE ENTIRE LINE UP, and every player
play the field at least twice during your game. We encourage the coaches to allow every kid this awesome experience regardless of the score.
Weather Conditions ....... Our contract with the stadium states that head grounds crew personnel will
determine if and when the field is playable. Kid2Pro Sports does not determine field playability.
Rain Delay & Cancelation
In the case of rain delay or cancelation, we will call each coach on the
cell phone # that you provide to use. This call will be made immediately after the grounds crew provides us with the information. If we do not call you, it means the games are on as scheduled. If the case your game is interrupted by rain, we will wait a max of 20 minutes one time during your event. (There is only one rain delay allowed per game) If we are unable to continue the game after 20 minutes, the said 2 teams will select an alternate date to finish their game. All games are deemed official after the losing teams bats 4 times in a 12u & under, 5 times in a 13u or above. In fairness to all the teams involved, we will stay on schedule and the next game will start at its scheduled time or close to it as possible.
Cell Phone #'s ................. Please email us the best phone number we will be able to reach you.
Camera's or video on the field
At the request of the stadiums, we kindly ask that there be
no cameras of any kind (this includes camera phones) be used on the field. It is for the safety of the camera person and the players.
Code of Conduct: ........... Kid2Pro Sportsreserves the right to deny game time, cancel,
or stop any game in which the parents, coaches, or players are acting inappropriately. These games were designed to be a fun and exciting experience for all. Any type of harassment, violence, verbal assault, or poor sportsmanship will result in cancellation.

See you next season!

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