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Kid2Pro Sports Policies Overview


Kid2Pro Sports has created policies that benefit not only the players but the fans.  If you have a stadium policy question, please select the specific stadium tab for more info. Each stadium tab on this website offers extensive policy information. If you have additional questions, please email [email protected]
No game space will be held without a completed registration and fully paid deposit.
A $300 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking via PayPal or a credit card. Special arrangements cann be made to pay by check (call for info). There is a $45 fee for any returned checks and a credit card deposit will only be accepted for future payment.
·        Your team can sell Kid2Pro Sports Customized Admission Tickets to help cover the cost of your event & to raise money for your team. 
·        We charge your team $5 for each custom ticket (includes your team logo & names- min 50) and then your team can sell them for any amount.
·        Most teams select a $10 price to be printed on the ticket. At this price, your team earns $5 on each ticket sold.
·        Your ticket money will be due the day of your game before it starts. No game will start with any open balances.
·        Each Stadium offers fundraising packages as well. They allow you to sell their minor league game tickets & you will earn $4 to $6 on each minor league game ticket sold.
·        Please ask us for your specific stadium contact so you can arrange this directly through the stadium personnel.
·        Kid2Pro Sports does not work for and is not affiliated with any of the stadium teams.
If your game is rained out (BEFORE it starts) and can not be played on your scheduled date we will work with you to book another date. If your team is unavailable for any other date a 100% refund will be given. In the case another game (not your game) was rained out and was rescheduled, we may need to change your game time by up to an hour to accommodate the rained out team to fit their game in. Once you decide on a new date, it is considered a new booking and cannot be changed.
If your game is rained out (AFTER it starts) your team will be offered the option to come back (on a Stadium provided date) to complete your game from the point which it was interrupted to allow your team to get the full contracted time on the field. No refunds are offered for games that have started.  Both teams must agree to complete the contest on an available date provided by the stadium.
The Stadium Groundscrew determines if the field is playable.  Kid2Pro Sports leases the stadium for each event and is a tenant of the Stadium and must abide by Stadium rulings and has no influence in making those decisions.  Specific rain delay/cancellation policy info is sent to all coaches upon registration
If the balance is not paid in full 21 days before your event, Your team’s game will be removed from the schedule and your team will forfeit your deposit.
In the case you book an event and then decide not to play for any other reason than rain, you will forfeit your deposit. If it is within 7 days, you forfeit the entire game fee. 
Kid2Pro Sports reserves the right to deny game time, cancel, or stop any game in which the parents, coaches, or players are acting inappropriately. These games were designed to be a fun and exciting experience for all. Any type of harassment, violence, verbal assault, or poor sportsmanship {at the discretion of K2P management) will result in game cancelation with the offending team forfeiting their game fee and the opposing team being awarded another game date.
The Cancellation and Code of Conduct Policies are in place to protect those that abide by the rules and guarantee that your game can be played as scheduled.


If you have any questions about these policies we encourage you to call James at (732) 501-1857 to get a clear understanding of these policies before situations arise.

See you next season!

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